Are we eating fake food?

The Guardian posted an article that was written by Felicity Lawrence about fake food and the mislabeling in stores. Food is the fuel we put into our bodies to get us through the day. We make conscious decisions about what we are going to eat everyday whether it is from the grocery store, food stand, or restaurant. I’m sure I am not the only one who wants to know what is in the food that I’m about to eat. When we go to a grocery store we go into it with an inherent trust that what we are buying is healthy to put into our bodies and is true to what the labeling says it is. The government needs to step up and start regulating the food market more than they have been recently, more than a third of the food that was tested had been found to have some problems mainly mislabeling or food additives.

Meat is one of the products that is most easily mislabeled. The food can be processed and mixed up with other meats or chemicals to make a “fake food” that is still edible. There is not a lot of ongoing research on what can happen to the human body when given food that is pumped full of hormones and chemicals. The Horse meat scandal that spread across Europe is one of many examples of food being distributed as one type of meat but actually being a different type of meat. “Ham, which should be made from the legs of pigs, was regularly made from poultry meat instead: the preservatives and brining process add a pink colour that makes it hard to detect except by laboratory analysis.” (Lawrence) This worries me, not because I don’t like poultry, but because this shows how deceiving some massive food corporations can be.

Work Cited:

Lawrence, Felicity. “Fake-food Scandal Revealed as Tests Show Third of Products Mislabelled.” Web log post. The Guardian. The Guardian, 7 Feb. 2014. Web. 10 Feb. 2014.

Article Page:


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