Coke, the new water

Marion Nestle Wrote an article in the Food Politics called “Coca-Cola fights obesity? Oh, Please.” This article addresses the deception that Coke displays to America through advertising.  Coke, just like all other soft drinks are not a healthy drinking choice.  Just like any other big corporation, Coke tries to keep the money rolling in and keep the truth about their product as quiet as they can. It doesn’t help when our Government lets the Coke product be sold in America when it is not aloud to be sold in many European countries. This makes me wonder what is in the product that the Europeans do not want to put into their body. Maybe it is just that they have seen what soft drinks can do to the youth of the populations.

Coke used to be a drink that was used for medical purposes but then the formula got changed slightly and it was the new best soft drink. Just like energy drinks, they are bad for you, they do give you a rush of energy but it is fallowed shortly after with a crash where your body is sluggish and all you want to do is find a nice spot to take a nap. Stated in the blog, Marion shows the steps needed for Coca-Cola to actually fight obesity. Most of which are simple things that the Coca-Cola company could easily stop, such as marketing towards kids or low-income minorities.  It’s not the problem with all of the children that are becoming obese at earlier ages, its the problem with the drink that they are being given to drink on a daily basis.

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