Food for a rising population

In the book Food Security Politics and the Millennium Development Goals, Phillip McMichael touches on the topics of sustaining a suitable food source for the ever expanding population. With the population rising, the demand for energy exponentially elevates. This leads to more use of the energy we are trying to ween our selves off of, fossil fuels. The fossil fuels emit green house gases into the atmosphere which in return rises the over all temperature of the earth. Scientists have not had much time to do research since the global climate change theory has not been around for too long. One thing scientists have been able to see is the increasing intensity of storms. This means that our crops will be flooded if they are planted too close to a water source.

When these catastrophic storms wipe out farmers land that is used to supply a local area with food, the whole world feels the stress because more energy is put towards preparing and transporting the food to the countries in need. This also means that the wealthier countries have to step up and send relief packages of food. This is hard to do when your country is up to their eye balls in debt. To keep trade relations strong  and just to do the right thing, these wealthier countries have to send food to those in need, even if all they can afford is to send bags of rice. It saddens me to think about how the United States military spends enough money each year to resolve world hunger, but of that money, not even a chunk is being sent to starving nations.

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McMichael, Phillip. Taylor and Francis Online. 1st ed. Vol. 32. N.p.: n.p., n.d.Routledge. Web. 13 Feb. 2014.

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One thought on “Food for a rising population

  1. what defines a nations power? Well the last sentence of this post really resonated with me because our nation spends so much money to be the biggest military and be the most powerful force in the world. so i question how they define power, because personally i would feel so powerful and great if i was able to solve world hunger in one year. Anyways your post looks at the climate change perspective of the rising hunger and world population and that is something i haven’t seen reading other blog post. i learned quite a bit reading your well structured post and i really liked that you used a book rather than an internet source.

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